Holly and Heidi independently own FUEL: Mind to Body
Holly and Heidi, Independent Owners of FUEL: Mind to Body.

You can count on the team at FUEL: Mind to Body to be welcoming, professional and genuine. All of the teachers at FUEL are personally committed to a regular practice in the hot room and walk the walk for caring for themselves. In turn, each teacher wants to help you be your best. FUEL: Mind to Body has been independently, women-owned since it opened in 2012. Heidi and Holly that you for supporting their business.

Anyone, regardless of skill level or physical shape, can join a class at FUEL. Whether it’s your first class or 100th class, Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga offer continual learning and improvement. You'll love discovering the limitless benefits of Inferno Hot Pilates. All classes welcome first-time students – even if you’ve never taken a yoga or Pilates class. Come as you are to begin experiencing the benefits.

Who We Are

Our team brings collectively over 70 years teaching experience of the original Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, to your

community. Ask us how long we have practiced? The average teacher at FUEL has seven years experience of regular practice (four or more times a week) of Bikram Yoga and 12 months of Inferno Pilates practice.

From weight loss to stress management, our team is here to help you reach your goals. All teachers at FUEL complete a 9-week, 500 hour certification with Bikram Choudhury. FUEL has a team of about 10 certified Bikram Yoga teachers and five Inferno Pilates teachers.

  • Heidi

    Teacher since 2009

  • Holly

    Teacher since 2009

  • Rachel

    Teacher since 2011

  • Tori

    Teacher since 2011

  • Claire
    Teacher since 2014

    Claire attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2014.

  • Catalina

    Teacher since 2016

  • Caryn

    Teacher since 2016

  • Paulina
    Teacher since 2018

    Paulina attended Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in 2018.

  • Ashley

    Teacher since 2012 

Heidi Holzkamper Bernover ⋅ Director

Heidi began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2004 and quickly embraced the physical balance it brought to her life. A multiple marathon completer and a sufferer of asthma, Bikram Yoga allows Heidi to stay with her running (some may call it an addiction) and break personal records. Heidi was certified to teach Bikram Yoga in 2009 and continued her education with Rajashree’s Pregnancy Series in 2011.

In 2009, Heidi discovered Inferno Pilates and quickly grew passionate for the intensity and strength-building fun of every session. Heidi attended Inferno Pilates with Gabi Walters in 2016, being an early adopter of the sport.

Heidi loves to see people exceed their own expectations in the hot room so they can exceed expectations in life outside of the hot room. Heidi’s desire to help others meet personal goals in sports makes her an asset to athletes on the North Shore.

Holly Holzkamper McGregor ⋅ Director

Holly discovered Bikram Yoga while working 70-hour weeks in Manhattan. She immediately noticed that her stress was more manageable, she found greater mental clarity and experienced physical improvement in the range of motion in her neck and shoulders. Holly relied on the guaranteed workout (“just get yourself to the studio and we’ll do the rest”) as opposed to dedicating time to a self-directed gym session or variable exercise/yoga class to improve her health.

Holly discovered Inferno Pilates in 2016 and knew that the FUEL community would hunger for this sport. She attended Inferno Pilates Teacher Training in 2016 with Heidi.

Holly likes to see students find confidence and calm in the hot room so that they can carry that to other areas of life. Holly believes that Bikram Yoga can create lasting change in one’s life.

Holly practiced Bikram Yoga throughout pregnancies with both of her daughters. She received certification from Bikram to teach in 2009.

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